Beautiful Healing, Chakra-Cleansing Music To Improve Your Life And Health

With perfection as its standard and hundreds of exclusive tracks, Meditative Mind's (both YouTube channel and app) sole intent is to promote peace and make life better for people worldwide through the universal language of music

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When we look for them, we can find influences that unite rather than divide us as humans, and it is a perfect time in history to seek out those things that transcend cultural, religious, political, racial, geographical, age, and gender division. Regardless of background and circumstances, there is positive power in stimuli like a genuine smile, a warm hug, a pleasant fragrance, an inspiring work of art, and the sound of beautiful music. When we find anything that enhances our lives and the lives of our loved ones, it is well worth exploring. Dilpreet Bhatia has been creating music for many years. Because it made his life so much better, he now devotes the lion’s share of his time, energy, and talent to sharing it with the world. Bhatia created his Meditative Mind YouTube channel and Meditative Mind app as platforms where we can sample his music and experience the benefits ourselves.

Dilpreet Bhatia

Bhatia’s creations are much more than just music. Several years ago, as a college-educated professional, he left a corporate position to study as a disciple of a guru and world-renowned Indian classical musician and top-grade artist, Sumitra Guha. Guha was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India. Still, it was the beauty of her music and its effects that drew Bhatia to her. He had been involved with music and performances growing up in Indian culture, and in this transitional time in his life, he began investing his all in learning everything he could about the music and meditation practices that were so rooted in his heritage.

“Making music to enhance lives and make us feel better is not new,” says Bhatia. “In ancient Indian culture, people used music to remedy all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments.” His ancestors figured out that music energetically affects every part of the body, depending on the notes or ragas used. The seven chakras that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head are energy centers that can become blocked, which can cause people to suffer ill effects. Various things can cause blockages, such as too much sitting, trauma, stress, poor nutritional choices, lack of sleep, grief, and illness. Just listening to Meditative Mind’s music can help to clear chakra blockages and relieve symptoms. “Regardless of a person’s religious background or belief system, the frequencies of the music have positive, healing effects,” says Bhatia.

Many people listen to Meditative Mind’s music as part of their prayer or meditation practice. Some of it is better in the morning because of its energizing effect, while other recordings are more suitable for later in the day in preparation for restful sleep. The selected notes are a particular frequency or Hz, chosen to achieve desired results, such as reducing negative energy, increasing peace, calming the brain, regenerating the body, or raising one’s positive energy vibration. When we hum a melody, we can feel the vibration in our vocal cords, and much more is happening at an even deeper level. Meditative Mind includes music with chants and mantras tuned to frequencies that get energy flowing within our system as it should. We are affected merely by hearing the notes, but we can increase the effect when we chant along with the music. If you have never listened to Indian music, you might be unfamiliar with the combination of sounds, which are referred to as ragas. They are similar to a scale and can include ascending and descending notes and melodic phrases that are original to each musical creation. Ragas are built around, and continually return to, a root note tuned to a particular Hz, which resonates within the listener in positive ways.

Bhatia is an Australian resident, a family-oriented husband and father, and he is passionate about the music he creates. He wants the world to know about the healing potential music has to improve lives, health, and promote peace within individuals and on a much larger scale, even globally. The music he has created has been a journey of the heart and his gift to the world. The recent unrest in Ukraine has moved him so much he has greatly reduced the cost of access to his music in countries close to the conflict. “Music is a universal language we can all understand,” says Bhatia. “It has the power to promote peace and healing for troubled minds, hearts, and bodies. My sole desire is to help others through my music.”

Instead of elevating himself or seeking personal gain, absent ego, Bhatia wishes to spotlight the beauty and power of music to promote good health and goodwill. Even so, to access its healing properties for yourself, you can find Meditative Mind’s music on the website, App Store, and YouTube. Peace is a universal language, just like love, generosity, and kindness, which are all evident in the beauty of Meditative Mind’s music. If you listen with your heart, you will hear Dilpreet Bhatia’s message in the beautiful melody, “May peace and love be with you all.”