Innovating 'Cashfree' Alternatives

Cashfree Payments is also looking to expand and establish itself in south-east Asia, Africa and the middle-east

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Cashfree Payments is a software no-code/low code payments platform and is one of India's leading API and banking solutions company in the digital payments ecosystem. The company has solved problems pertinent to payments and has assisted its clientele through the digitization process. Cashfree Payments does not solely focus on payment gateways. The company has a payments platform which helps solving problem pertaining to payments as a whole.

Cashfree Payments
Akash Sinha, co-founder and CEO, Cashfree Payments

The focus of Cashfree Payments is on solving all payments problems for business. The company is working towards operationalizing innovative, industry first products like payouts, instant refunds, cashgram, pre-authorization, subscription and instant settlements. The belief of a customer centric approach to innovate and integrate for its clientele runs high in Cashfree Payments.

"The speed of innovation as well as our runtime is key to the company's continued growth. We strive towards continually optimizing and upgrading our tech code to equip us with the industry best technology," said Akash Sinha, co-founder and CEO, Cashfree Payments.

The company has not limited itself to collection and disbursement of funds.They have developed holistic products from verification suites to API stacks. Major bottlenecks like processing of refunds, salaries, merchant and vendor payments have been resolved via the company's product suites for varying needs of the market. A higher innovation rate in the company has resulted in the products and services of the company
being more scalable and resilient. An inclusive culture has been fostered within the organization which has inspired an innovative and open-culture which has subsequently enabled teams and individuals to enhance the thought process to arrive at out-of-the box solutions to cater to the clients' needs.

"In an industry like BFSI, support from regulators and reforms are crucial. We feel that the role of regulators is
extremely important from industry reform's perspective. Recent developments on tokenization and payments on feature phones holds a positive outlook for new revenue models to emerge, grow and create value for all players," said Akash Sinha, co-founder and CEO, Cashfree Payments.

Fintech as a sector is rapidlty evolving and operating in a sector like that has helped the company learn that it is essential for the individuals as well as brands to constantly improvise in order to cater to needs of customer that is forever changing.

The rise in e-commerce penetration and widespread digital payments adoption has provided the company with the opportunity to scale significantly. Recently investing in a leading UAE and Saudi Arabia-based payment service provider, Telr, the company is currently expanding product offerings in international markets. Cashfree Payments is also looking to expand and establish itself in south-east Asia, Africa and the middle-east. The future plans include the delivery of products on the BaaS and API front which will solve traditional banking bottlenecks and drive the reach of financial services to the last mile.