This Entrepreneur Turned His Problem into a Multi-million Dollar Company

When Justin Nelson first started Rocket Sphere, he simply wanted to build a business that addressed a problem he had experienced

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Juggling multiple hats and job descriptions is a reality most entrepreneurs have experienced, especially in the beginning stages of their business. With a national burnout rate that is significantly higher than other professions, it's no secret that entrepreneurs need to find a way to take some responsibilities off of their plate. Justin Nelson was a top performing real estate entrepreneur when he realized the need for help. A short few years later, he is now the founder and CEO of Rocket Sphere VA, a company that is on a mission to help business owners employ VAs to make more money and gain more time.

Justin Nelson

When Justin Nelson first started Rocket Sphere, he simply wanted to build a business that addressed a problem he had experienced. "I had realized the limitations that you have as a solopreneur, so I hired a VA." WIth a VA to help handle administrative actions and contact leads, he realized how simple life could be as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur the biggest problem that you face is being able to scale your company quickly. Employees are the fastest way to do that, but also expensive. A VA can fill the same role for a fraction of the cost. WIth over 1500 clients served, a team of over 2400 full time virtual assistants, Justin's company is on the verge of breaking eight figures in yearly revenue - just a short two years in. Justin breaks down his journey in growing his agency.

The first thing he recognized was a massive need in the market. "The single reason most companies can't grow like a massive corporation is because of the lack of manpower." With a large number of people starting businesses and looking to scale, reliable and affordable labor is in high demand. While he first targeted real estate entrepreneurs and businesses, his company now services a broad range of industries. While a VA can fill many roles, he sees most of his clients hiring them to run social media accounts, field incoming calls, or run financial bookkeeping. While his growth has been exponential, there were several obstacles that he had to overcome. The first was his own personal development.

"As a real estate entrepreneur, I never had to manage a large team. It was a bit of a challenge learning to be personally responsible for hundreds of employees." Justin spent a lot of time through trial and error, as well as reading books, learning how to lead and manage such a large company. Another part of his development was taxes. Taxes in America were easy enough, but with a large number of his employees working remotely from the Philippines, he had to spend a substantial amount of time working with tax attorneys in the Philippines to make sure everything was in order. In addition to some lawsuits and attempts from competitors trying to shut him down, the last thing to overcome was stigma.

With such a large part of his workforce being based in the Philippines, potential clients often questioned is the quality of a VAs work. His answer for their ability to perform at a high level was simple. "Over 70% of our VAs have a college degree and a large number of that have post-graduate degrees and are very fluent in English." While some VAs may not meet these standards, all VAs that Justin and his company work with are fully vetted and very capable. What allows for a VA to work for so cheap is something that Justin calls "currency Arbitrage." By hiring VAs from different countries, we can now take advantage of currency exchange. By offloading work to a country where the dollar has more value, you can essentially pay for quality work at a discount. This allows you to access quality work and save thousands of dollars at the same time. For Justin it is really a no-brainer when someone is looking to scale their business. "Why pay an accountant thousands when you can pay a few hundred dollars for someone who is quite potentially more qualified."