An All Season Life Solution For All Ages

Bernadette Gomez, CEO and founder of LIMITLESS ELITE specializes in life insurance with living benefits, annuities and business consultation

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As entrepreneurship and side businesses are becoming more and more mainstream - there is an industry that seems to be strongly gaining the spotlight. Life insurance you don't have to die to use. Once viewed as a non-productive vehicle for savings, the benefits of life insurance have been coming to light.

Bernadette Gomez

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, the tax sheltering benefits, living benefits and supplemental income benefits of a life insurance are certainly worth considering. Many individuals, business owners and particularly millennials, still don't fully understand the value of having life insurance. This is probably due to most life insurance policies being packaged as employee benefits and people didn't give them much thought. Everyone deserves a secure financial future and having life insurance coverage is so important, whether you're just starting out or you're getting ready to retire.

For the last twelve years, Bernadette's knowledge and expertise have empowered her to build a thriving business helping many individuals and businesses reach their financial goals. Before Bernadette entered the insurance industry, she worked as a financial analyst for several companies leading them to their success. However, Bernadette always felt a pull to entrepreneurship and found the opportunity to expand her career as an insurance agent. The transition was challenging but with her knowledge, experiences and her commitment to help others it didn't take very long for her to succeed.

There were many obstacles and situations that could have made her quit. "There was a point when we lost everything. We lost our house, cars and pawned a large amount of our belongings, went to payday loans and borrowed money from hard money lenders with unbelievable interest just to make sure we keep our office to serve our clients and agents"

Although this journey was not easy, Bernadette and her partner's dedication and hard work kept them strong and true to their dream. "For us, it's bigger than money, it's an extension of gratitude to the universe, our focus and determination is a promise of success, and an act of loyalty to our customers. We believe in our crusade, backed by strong financial institutions. We are confident enough to offer life solutions to our clients and our agents by making a significant impact on their financial growth"

Her commitment to the cause and dedication to their team and to their business paid off. Now, just over a decade later, she has helped her clients generate millions through her combination of life insurance offerings and business advice and has helped guide many of her agents to build insurance agencies of their own. This journey has shaped her into the woman that she is today, a strong resilient successful entrepreneur and respected businesswoman.

In this article, Bernadette Gomez shares three reasons why all individuals, millennials and business owners, should prepare and secure their life financial growth with life insurance policies mainly INDEXED UNIVERSAL LIFE.

Tax-Free Supplement To Your Retirement Fund

Most companies offer employment benefits. These are common ways for most people to invest in their retirement. While it is convenient and has been around for years, Gomez believes that life insurance policies provide a better alternative. These policies offer a much better tax shelter than most retirement plans. "Being in insurance, particularly Indexed Universal Life, you're given certain guarantees about the performance of the policy. You can include no-lapse guarantees, death benefit guarantees, full living benefits at no additional cost and several other riders that can protect the finances of your household during unexpected circumstances.

Access Benefits While Still Alive

When you allocate your money in a cash value life insurance policy, you are able to access some of your benefits before you die. Cash value life insurance policies can do two things: accrue cash in your policy and access that cash either through withdrawal or loan" The policy is designed to let you take a loan against the cash value of your policy when needed. Whether you are simply looking for capital in a rental property, taking a small vacation, or to cover some unexpected expenses, you can access some or all needed cash through a loan from the policy values. This is perfect for two reasons. One, at a certain time you can access cash from your policy. Two, since it is a loan, you may still earn interest on the cash value on your policy.

Protect You and Your Loved Ones

It's so easy to get caught up in the incredible benefits of a life insurance policy that you forget its main purpose is to provide protection for your loved ones. The uncomfortable truth is that no one knows what may happen tomorrow. Life happens. Whether they die too soon, live too long, become ill or have retirement income concerns owning the right kind of Life insurance policy is something to look into seriously.

Prepare for whatever life has in store for you by learning more about the different financial life stages and what's the right life insurance policy for you. Bernadette Gomez is passionate about helping her clients to maximize their insurance policies while providing tax shelters and supplemental retirement funds. If you are interested in learning more about how she lowers her client's taxable income while increasing their ability to save and invest for the future, you can follow her on Instagram or learn more about her company at their website.