Take Your Business To the Next Level With This AI-Based SEO Specialist

Thatware has already generated 3 million leads for its clients and more to count in its five-year journey

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The term "Search Engine Optimization', or SEO, is quite common today. Every online business owner knows sooner or later that they have to hold the hand of SEO. But difficulties arrive when businesses enable SEO practices yet don't get the desired result. If you're facing the same, you are not alone in the sea.


Every business domain is extremely competitive, and no average practice can help lead the industry. The same rule is also applicable to SEO practices. Average SEO practices won't help you that much as most of your competitors follow the same formula. You need to do something advanced. What's that? Trying AI-based SEO can be a solution. Advanced technologies and innovations are taking place every minute, and it won't be fair if you don't leverage their offerings.

What Is AI-Based SEO?

The search engine you use knows you better than anyone else! Yes, leading search engines have infused AI in their practices to study user behaviors, their devices, locations, and many other factors that are directly linked to your preferences. Search engines are providing custom search results to increase their user satisfaction rate. AI technology is the core of developing customized optimization strategies. Thatware is using the same formula to help online businesses grow.

When Do You Need The Help Of AI SEO?

If you have enabled SEO but not getting the desired result, you should check your practices. Maybe you are doing all good practices still, you may not deliver what your users are searching for.

There is a prominent gap between what your users seek and what you are delivering. To fill the gap, AI-based SEO is the most effective tool.

Thatware Is Doing Different & Better Than Average SEO

This search optimization artificial intelligence effectively analyzes the core relationship between websites, content pages, and search engine rankings to craft advanced strategies. As a result, it generates fast, actionable, and automated techniques to win the competition. Below, a glimpse is shared:

New opportunity identification: Identifying the most appropriate topics to address with the site content is as much science as art. AI SEO is faster and more accurate in identifying trending topics in the domain and analyzing the competitive gaps.

Conversion optimization: You know not all traffic is beneficial, only the right ones result in conversions, whether your aim is selling a product or having an email from the user- AI-based on-page optimization help in accomplishing actual organizational goals much faster.

Content refreshment: It's quite a common thing after content publication, most firms don't do much with old content. But a page's maturity helps its search ranking, advanced optimization updates, and refreshed linking offered by AI. AI leverages the mature content's link equity to empower newer pages and rank quicker.

Automation: The wave of AI for search engine optimization confirms significant optimization opportunities. But availing of all these benefits is not that easy until you enable automation in search optimization. While researching AI trends and the future, we have understood there is no escape from enabling automation in our search optimization process. So, we started early!

Artificial Intelligence and SEO Go Hand-In-Hand At Thatware

Thatware has designed its own and unique practices that concentrate on content quality improvement, link building and website quality, and voice search and optimization.

AI's Impact On Content Quality

Without any doubt, ML has a great impact on how online businesses generate web content and implement keywords. Search engine giant Google realized that there was no way humans could track and identify every website available on the Internet. So, it started ranking sites with informative content. Google has its own AI to constantly check websites to ensure its users are satisfied with the search results.

Most online businesses have understood that search is the most powerful and profitable for modern AI. It has truly reduced the burden of SEO specialists alongside eliminating fraudsters who were into malpractices like keyword stuffing.

Thatware uses AI and ML to accurately understand what the target audience seeks and what's most relevant. As a result, it sets a new definition of quality content with the proper use of SEO keywords.

Link Building & Website Quality

Link building is another important optimization area that is benefitted from the use of AI. Google's AI checks link value and relevancy. Google's algorithm power by AI ranks websites based on many factors, including links. If they relate to core content, you can keep the hope up. ML is effectively helping us in selecting SEO keywords, anchor text when linking, and even external linking.

Voice Search & Optimization

Google Search by Voice effectively explains the mechanism of AI in terms of users' voice search. The word error rate was a substantial obstacle. ML is deployed and improved by helping users' voices and mannerisms.

Via voice search, the target audience is searching for the same thing but differently. While being accurate, AI SEO helps in identifying the voice search trends to satisfy users with relevant information and automatically rank the websites.

Thatware has already generated 3 million leads for its clients and more to count in its small 5-years of the journey. Alongside offering advanced AI SEO tools like Webtool, it guides online businesses towards the peak of success. Hoping soon, it will set a new industry standard where the growth of every online business is guaranteed!