Doceree: Empowering Better Patient Outcomes

When pandemic closed healthcare professionals' doors, Doceree opened a virtual casement

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The zestful evolution of life has certainly affected the healthcare systems, which resulted in imposing healthcare marketing as an unavoidable element among medtech platforms. Nowadays, people demand a different approach to address their health problems and think they can take the responsibility of their own health with the available online resources. Doceree utilised this space to disrupt the pharma marketing landscape.

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The inception of Doceree, a global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic messaging, happened when Harshit Jain decided to put an end to his 15 years of medical practice. He invested his knowledge and experience to solve the problem of physician marketing and thus Doceree happened.

"The pharmaceutical and healthcare category is highly regulated, so we built our platform to adhere to the marketing and data privacy regulations within each market," said Jain MD, founder and global CEO, Doceree.

While observing the current market scenario, he remarked, "Programmatic pharma marketing is a niche sector in India. We are at an early stage to impart knowledge about it to make it a seamless adoption for organizations. The market was initially very reluctant to adopt digital platforms but the pandemic has accelerated the use of online networks."

Doceree's AI-powered solutions facilitate hyper-targeting of HCPs based on multiple triggers at various touch points that enrich marketing initiatives digitally. The platform can precisely identify HCPs on professional grounds based on their behaviour traits, diagnoses they carry out, prescriptions they write and the procedures they perform in a regulatory compliant manner.

Commenting on the challenges faced by the company, Jain said, "The travel restrictions during the pandemic that prevented me and my colleagues from holding in-person meetings with the prospective partners were the challenges that we had to overcome during the initial stage."

On the back of massive interest of pharma brands and publishers towards Doceree's custom-built product offerings within the programmatic pharma marketing space, the company is planning to expand into more European countries and to the emerging markets in Asia to further optimize the business goals of pharma brands and support HCPs to achieve better health outcomes for their patients. It works with top global pharma brands to facilitate marketing that reach nearly 1 million HCPs globally.

Doceree has raised $11 million in Series A funding round, led by Eight Roads Ventures on April 6, 2022. The company said that the funds will be used to scale its global operations, expand partnerships and augment its product portfolio.

A digital wave is sweeping across the $17 billion Indian pharmaceutical industry. This new technology ranges from scientific detailing to doctors to using new algorithms for better insights into the issues like patient compliance. According to reports, the overall medtech industry is estimated to reach an annual size of $500 billion within the next couple of years.