Look Out For This Decentralized Play-to-earn Metaverse

Cardalonia is built by creators on top of the Cardano blockchain for creators

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With the explosive growth of the play to earn metaverse games, creators are now having a reason to smile to the bank, as they can create, explore and trade their works in a decentralized ecosystem.

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Cardalonia is one metaverse to look out for in 2022. What is Cardalonia, how does it work, and how to generate revenue from the metaverse? Here are the answers.

What Is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia is a decentralized play to earn metaverse built by creators on top of the Cardano blockchain for creators. In other words, Cardalonia is a virtual world where you can create, own, and trade your gaming experience for money on the Cardano blockchain. The intention of the creators of this metaverse was to develop a simple play to earn game that would be inexpensive to play and monetize.

As a player in the metaverse, you have the opportunity to choose a clan, create collectibles as NFTs, set them into operations in your Cardalonia land, and create attractive scenes on the land so that other players can buy. As the metaverse is composed of clans, to experience Cardalonia and buy land to start making money, you need to join a clan Avatar.

Cardalonia Features

Cardalonia is an exciting metaverse where you are free to create NFTs and earn from your efforts and commitment. Here are some of the things that make Cardano different from other metaverses:

Immersive and Captivating Experiences: All actors within the Cardalonia metaverse will enjoy immersive and captivating experiences. Players will be able to interact with each other and their virtual characters. Players will also enjoy human-like experiences.

Decentralization: Cardalonia is highly decentralized. All assets in the game are represented by NFTs. This means you can buy, sell, or trade assets for monetary gains.

Governance: Cardalonia has a DAO where decisions about the future of the project are decided. Only tokens will have a chance to participate in the governance decision process, like to vote and be voted for.

Land: To enjoy playing Cardalonia, you must first purchase a land using your $Lonia token. As a landowner, you can freely deploy your Avatar and assets to the land.

$Lonia Token

$Lonia is the ticker of the Cardalonia metaverse and built on the Cardano network. It's a utility token that also serves as the metaverse in-game currency.

Here are the token stats:

1 $Lonia token = 0.07 ADA.

Sales duration= 6 Epochs

Seed sales allocation: 15,000,000 tokens

Minimum buy: 500 ADA

Sales end in 27 days.

$Lonia operates like other metaverse tokens and has different use cases, including:

Access To the Cardalonia Platform: The $Lonia token gives you access to the Cardalonia platform. Access means the ability to buy Land and other in-game assets.

Staking: $Lonia is a stake-able token. You can stake your tokens and earn up to 25 per cent APR as passive income. Staking your $Lonia will keep increasing your asset value.

Cardalonia ORB: The ORB is an in-game gem for powering your Avatar. Only token holders will have the opportunity to mutate their Avatars.

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