This Crypto Mining Pool May Beat Ethereum Mining Giants

Zilliqa is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world, offering the easiest way to create user-friendly dApps

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Mining cryptocurrency has become a very popular and profitable activity in the digital market. As the crypto industry is developing rapidly, beginners find it challenging to decide which coin to mine. This article will talk about an up-and-coming project that is expected to be a breakthrough in 2022.


Zilliqa is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world, offering the easiest way to create user-friendly dApps. Zilliqa offers decentralized finance (DeFi), enabling users to engage with open and transparent financial market products and services. On Zilliqa marketplaces, users can mint items and turn them into an unchangeable and tamper-proof NFT.

Anyone can create decentralized applications, enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain and apply them to traditional sectors. dApps changed business worldwide by opening smarter and faster options for creative industries, gaming, banking, etc.

The Zilliqa blockchain's features low transaction costs; consensus protocol designed with sustainability in mind; transaction capacity scales as the network size grows; safe and secure blockchain; developer-friendly smart contract language; and created and maintained by the brightest minds.

Current achievements

In March 2022, Smart contract platform Zilliqa's ZIL token demonstrated a 300 per cent boost to $0.186 from $0.045 and became one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the month. As of March 31, the cryptocurrency boasted a 321 per cent gain for the month.

Thus, the ZIL token became popular among miners, so they started to mine it actively. Developers have opened the Ezil Pool for Zil mining.

Ezil has become the largest pool which even exceeded Ethermine Pool. Let's compare Ezil and Ethermine Pools:









Reward method



Payment method

ETH, Polygon

ETH, Polygon, BSC, OEC, HECO, Arbitrum

Detailed reports



Another important thing to mention is that 2.1 per cent of world's ETH and 20.51 per cent of ZIL are mined with every day. The Ezil Pool offers both PPLNS and PPS+reward methods. It made it to the top 10 pools in terms of hashrate.

Ezil Pool features several withdrawal methods, which help ETH miners save up to 20 per cent. The pool has a user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer service.


Considering all the benefits of ZIL token mining, Ezil Pool appears to be a really attractive option to start mining and make a profit working with the up-and-coming project Zilliqa that embraces Metapolis, a groundbreaking metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform built on the top of Zilliqa blockchain.

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