What Steps Can Freelancers Take To Get More Out Of the Gig Economy?

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Did you know that there are currently 57 million American freelancers and counting? With so many people choosing this way of working, it's clear that there are many potential benefits to be gained from it. However, they can only be unlocked by individuals who know how to make it work for them. Sadly, many others settle for less than they deserve.


Whether you've been freelancing for several years or only recently joined the party, here are some of the best ways to get more out of the modern gig economy.

Look in the right places

Studies showed that almost half of all businesses employed freelancers in 2018, and that figure has grown significantly since the pandemic. From a freelancer's perspective, it means that the opportunities are greater than ever. Better still, with more roles available, jobs that are remunerated to pleasing standards are greater too.

However, this can only happen when freelancers look in the right places. There are hundreds of job platforms online, but the best ones are those that allow freelancers and companies to get a better understanding of each other to determine whether they are the right fit.

At beBee, we take a people-centric approach to connecting buyers and sellers. beBee does not intermediate between the professionals offering services and the people looking for services. We put them in contact with each other, enabling them to reach mutually beneficial employment agreements with ease.

Aside from helping freelancers find well-paid roles or long-term contracts for more stable freelancing opportunities, beBee encourages improved job satisfaction and work-life balance. Given that this is often cited as the reason for turning to the gig economy, the benefits of choosing the right platform are key.

Develop universal skills

Analysts at American Express have labeled the gig economy a "global work in progress" that is "re-shaping the global employment landscape into a freelance-driven environment". While freelancing has been a long-running approach to work in developing countries, it has become increasingly popular in North America and Europe in recent times.

It is a reflection of a generational shift in which job security is far lower than it once was. Although it does mean that employment contracts are often shorter, it also means that freelancers with extensive and relevant skill sets can charge a premium while additionally creating a versatile schedule that includes projects from a diverse range of clients.

Developing universal skills allows freelancers to take advantage of the gig economy's ongoing globalization while also entering new and exciting business sectors. From learning multiple coding languages to becoming bilingual or stronger at leadership, an investment into yourself can secure a far greater number of contracts - including those that carry the highest level of pay.

While the freelancing arena is one that focus on the individual's journey, you don't have to face it alone. Forming healthy working relationships with other freelancers and contractors from related fields may help win larger contracts for big earnings and increased stability.

The gig economy has created some truly incredible opportunities for modern-day freelancers, but only those who know how to make themselves the best candidate and find the best opportunity. In that sense, it's not much different from standard career paths. With the right strategy in place, long-term success can be secured.