Achieving Success In the Solar Power Industry

Spartan Solar founder Alexander Smith elaborates on the decisions that made Spartan Solar a multimillion dollar company

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Entrepreneurial practice remains the most promising career path to achieve financial freedom, although it is by no means an easy path to embark upon. Nobody knows that better than the founder of Spartan Solar, Alexander Smith. After graduating from college, it took a while for Smith to find his footing as a professional, but after making some life-changing decisions, the young entrepreneur has made a name for himself in the solar industry.


Alexander Smith is a graduate of Florida State University, where he had a triple major in Finance, Professional Sales, and Marketing. Smith spent his early career as a salesman, selling solar door-to-door for Sungrade Solar. “Quite literally the last thing I thought I’d do after college was knock on doors selling anything,” he revealed. Yet within the first three months of his door-to-door job, Smith learned more than he did in four years of college.

Early into his career, Alexander Smith still held on to the party lifestyle he enjoyed as a student, spending the last of his bartending dollars on drinks. Finally, however, he felt it was time to take his professional career seriously. Borrowing money from his grandmother, Smith shipped his car to California and paid the security deposit at his apartment. Without money in the bank to cover his rent while locked into a twelve-month lease, Smith effectively “burned all his ships” and put his head down to focus. “I deleted all distractions from my life and blitzed the next 90 days,” he elaborated.

The young professional quickly climbed the ladder to become the regional manager within four months and director of sales shortly after. Smith would later join Kota Energy Group, continuing his duty as a regional manager. Amid the early days of the pandemic, he moved to Florida to build out a new office for Kota before parting ways with them in March 2021.

With five years of experience, Smith decided to start his own company, developing Spartan Solar with a small team working out of his living room, where they ran meetings for the first three months. The company quickly started growing, prompting the team to move to a bigger office space in Winter Park, Florida.

In June 2021, the company’s growth started to add extra pressure on Smith, who wanted to show up as the best possible leader for his new sales reps. During this time, Smith felt it was necessary to make a lifestyle change; “I decided on June 7th that I will no longer drink,” he revealed. “That decision was a game-changer for me, both professionally and personally. Now I’m always sharp, focused, and clear so I can show up as the right person for my team and company.”

Leadership at Spartan Solar has developed rapidly and has led to Zach Crotty and Will Donovan launching a new office for Spartan Solar in Tampa on March 1st, 2022. Meanwhile, Matt Lent and Julian Gomez have continued to fuel the growth of Spartan’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

In its first year Spartan Solar has generated millions in sales, and has grown to over 40 sales reps and leaders working hard to take the company to the next level.