Waging War Against Unhealthy

Sticking to the brand promise of 100 per cent honesty, the facility has been built taking into account the measures for superior hygiene and sanitation practices: Suhasini Sampath

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"India is not a market for health" was the spark needed to bring healthy snacking options to India. Yogabar started with the intention of providing the consumer what they need. With the consumer behavior moving online, the company decided to take the D2C route.

Suhasini Sampath, co-founder, Yogabar

Yogarbar is a digitally native omni-channel brand, receiving a significant chunk of its online sales from third-party platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Q-commerce channels. As people are getting more conscious about their health and what they eat, the awareness about the ingredients going into making the products is on a constant rise. The company aims to build a brand which will be next best thing to home-cooked food.

The company has witnessed 100 per cent year-on-year growth in the last two years. The pandemic allowed the company to shift its focus on online channels which ahs directly resulted in an increase in its potential market size.

Identifying market gaps and the needs that even the customer is not aware about, Yogabar is all for 100 per cent natural, clean ingredients as the company overlays the issues at hand with the brands' philosophy. Being digitally innovative, the company is able to fetch real time feedback making its product development cycle faster.

"Sticking to the brand promise of 100 per cent honesty, the facility has been built taking into account the measures for superior hygiene and sanitation practices," said Suhasini Sampath, co-founder, Yogabar.

The company has recently announced the expansion of its manufacturing capability, with the inauguration of a 60,000 sq. ft. fully automated facility at India Foodpark Tumkur, Karnataka. This move will enable an increased production capacity complemented by modern technologies to optimize the value chain in order to meet the brand's growing demand across the country. It is attributed to Yogabar's 6 times jump from a 33 crore to a 200 crore business, within a span of two years. Keeping manufacturing in-house, Yogabar has ensured rapid scalability.


  • Best seller: Dark Chocolate + Cranberry Muesli 700g
  • Total SKUs: 78 SKUs
  • Team size: Our workforce at the factory is 150+. The rest of nearly 100 people build our sales, managements, marketing, ops & R&D.
  • Repeat customer ratio: Almost half
  • Online platform resulting in maximum revenue: Amazon
  • Turnover for FY 2021-22: 120 Cr.
  • Split between offline and online sales: 60% online, 40% offline. We see this becoming 50-50 very soon.