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DaMENSCH's geography expansion plans include going deep within India to smaller cities and expand digitally to emerging markets outside

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Innerwear is the fastest growing apparel category where growth post-COVID has been even faster. Innerwear was a highly unorganised sector, however, in the last 5 years, the market has moved towards more branded segments.

Gaurav Pushkar, co-founder, DaMENSCH

The idea of the founders of DaMENSCH was to tap the most neglected and challenging part of the male wardrobe – the innerwear. DaMENSCH intends to create products for modern men that are distinct in features and most desirable in their feel and as an environmentally-conscious generation, it was imperative for the company to keep the problems of Earth in mind..

“A consumer who would shy away from trying innerwear online now knows that brands like DaMENSCH offer a try-on warranty, and the first one is on the house if he is not happy with the purchase, or in case of a size issue. 95% of our consumers are men who are choosing the brand because the modern man is not negligent about his innerwear and considers it an essential purchase,” said Gaurav Pushkar, co-founder, DaMENSCH.

The company’s biggest undertaking is the mindset of an audience made to rely on fast fashion as it includes a very strong desire to fulfil the commitments that are going to be made to consumers, capabilities that would help establish brand starting from engineering to supply chain to marketing and production, customer transformation to understand the target audience and management and culture that help thrive the zeal to succeed.

DaMENSCH is a 100 crore brand and the first D2C brand to reach this milestone in a 3 year mark. Gaurav believes they can continue their streak of growing 3 times Year-on-Year for the next two years and the company’s plans are geared for the same.Investments are the backbone of any startup, especially while catering to the D2C segment where it is difficult to establish a brand amongst competition with major e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

DaMENSCH envisions emerging as a lifestyle brand that will become an integral part of every global Indian’s wardrobe. Every product designed by DaMENSCH Product lab, from innerwear to loungewear is infused with innovation never seen before. We create products presently nonexistent but ultra-essential for your self-belief since confidence comes from wearing comfortable yet functional clothes. DaMENSCH offers exceptional value for money. Our plan is to continue on the same growth trajectory.

DaMENSCH’s geography expansion plans include going deep within India to smaller cities and expand digitally to emerging markets outside.The company intends to become a house of labels that caters to men from all walks of life across the globe who crave excellence in apparel. The co-founders have invested in some of the most innovative and agile order and warehouse management systems available. Along with its in-house analytics and focus on automation, the company has been able to create visibility on the health of our supply chain and make operations as seamless as possible. DaMENSCH has been able to standardise its supply planning and lead times along various legs of the supply chain, starting from procurement to end delivery to the customer. Building key metrics for these functions and a culture of operational rigour has allowed the company to optimise its supply chain and be proactive in addressing areas of concern. The company also has an in-house laboratory that wants to change the status quo, and is thus continuously involved in R&D to develop its proprietary fabrics.