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Secure a B2B Company of Your Own With a Business Services Franchise

There are many ways to own a business that helps other businesses thrive.


Are you a naturally helpful person who enjoys advising others? Have you spent the majority of your career working in the client-oriented -to-business (B2B) realm? If this sounds familiar, and you consider yourself a "people person" with a knack for networking, you just might be the perfect match for a opportunity in the category. If the term "business services" sounds a bit broad, that's because it is. This is a world full of diverse opportunities where you're selling yourself as much as your services. With the sheer number of categories, industries and options available through franchising, finding a perfect match shouldn't be difficult.

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A wide range of opportunities

Business services is a franchise category that allows owners to provide help, advice and for a wide range of opportunities. Included in this sector are many designed to help small, medium and even large businesses thrive. It's a market of franchise concepts where you can serve multiple clients in the B2B world. Examples of business services franchises include tutoring, property , accounting, support, coaching, commercial cleaning services, technological assistance, staffing, printing, event management and even shipping and receiving. Stop and think for a moment about how many businesses in your community could benefit from services such as these.

A target market explained

Of all the categories listed above, they each share a common thread of the B2B equation: outsourcing. A great deal of small to medium-sized businesses — and a few select larger ones — don't always have in-house access to resources that help keep their operations running smoothly. To streamline staffing and the value engineering of expenses, obtaining assistance from business services franchise operations simply makes good sense. Think about it: not every or firm has onsite accounting and payroll services. Others don't have high-capacity printing equipment. And many of these operations don't have the need for a full-time HR department that can handle staffing needs. Have you met many companies where the staff takes out the trash and cleans their own restroom facilities? These niche market opportunities are prevalent and there's a world of opportunity to partner with them and play the part of the hero. The business landscape is constantly changing, forcing companies to adapt and improvise — that's where business services franchising comes in.

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Review Entrepreneur's Top Business Services Franchises

It's certainly worth noting that The UPS Store is the highest-ranked business services franchise in this year's Franchise 500, coming in at No. 2 overall, an indication of the popularity of a few well known brands that have become household names. Entrepreneur's 2022 Top Business Services Franchises also include many recognizable brand names in the print production industry, such as FastSigns, AlphaGraphics and Sir Speedy. There's also an increasing amount of business coaching franchises like The Growth Coach and Dale Carnegie Training. Entrepreneur's 2022 list of top business services franchises features a wide range of options, the majority of which do not require direct in-category experience to own and operate. The training and ongoing support provided by these franchisors and others can help owners attract, secure and maintain a healthy roster of clients in your own community. Business services is also a franchise sector that's shown strong and steady growth in recent years. In 2021, there were an estimated 99,296 such franchises in operation, whose combined output totaled nearly $100 billion in revenue generated. The market for businesses helping other businesses isn't slowing down, it's expanding. In today's business landscape, the name of the game is to run a tight ship — to maximize profits while streamlining operations. And it's business services franchises that will continue to help to bridge this crucial gap.

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