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Hardee's Fights to Win Back Customers


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Anaheim, California-Hardee's is one of the nation's struggling fast-food brands. However, parent company CKE Restaurants Inc. believes it can resurrect the ailing brand. The company recently imposed a moratorium on restaurant closings, starting in August. In addition, it plans to start revamping various Hardee's locations systemwide and will seek to sell some company-owned restaurants to franchisees. Most important, CKE is bringing back the chain's signature charbroiled burger.

Still, Hardee's faces stiff competition in the fast-food market. Restaurant analyst Mark Kalinowski believes the road ahead will be hard for the brand, stating, "Customer perceptions are difficult to change. Some of the steps that CKE has taken to turn Hardee's around have been the right moves. But even if they do fix something, consumers don't give them credit for that right away." -Charlotte Observer Online