Making Kids Tech-Savvy

Camp K12 is an edtech startup making coding accessible and fun for children aged 6 to 18 years in 30-plus countries

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Camp K12 was born as a coding bootcamp for kids, back in 2010. In the first nine years of its operation, Camp K12 partnered closely with schools across the nation to make coding accessible and fun for children aged 6 to 18 years.

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In this phase of its journey, Camp K12 built out the first ever structured coding curriculum for school students in India, covering every age group and a broad variety of topics across web development, mobile app development, 2D & 3D game development, AI & ML, python & data science and more.

Camp K12 has already released its very own coding platform called "Hatch Kids", which enables children to build their own metaverses, 3D games, and AR/VR apps that their friends and family can play in or consume. In its beta phase, Hatch Kids acquired 1.2 million users across 150 countries in just five months, driven by adoption from educators, parents, edtech companies. The Hatch Kids platform achieved this growth entirely driven by partnerships between the months of December and April 2022.

Camp K12 also launched the official Camp K12 mobile app, which enables students to build out their social network, add friends, see a feed showing their friends' daily activity on the Camp K12 platform, and most importantly, compete against their friends in educational quizzes. Students have a daily streak which measures the consecutive days in a row that they have used the platform and are rewarded for community engagement with a multiplier on the coins they earn, which in turn helps them with leaderboard rankings and social rewards.

"One of Camp K12's key achievements during this phase was its ability to make complex and nascent technologies accessible and delightful for young students via hands-on projects that were related to real-world problem statements. Camp K12's students built and launched mobile apps to address social problems like sanitation, education, safety, civic duty and healthcare," said Anshul Bhagi, CEO and co-founder of Camp K12.

In late 2021, the government of Delhi partnered with Camp K12 to bring coding curriculum to government schools in NCR. Through this government partnership, Camp K12 is scaling its reach in India.

The team expects to have two million monthly active users on the hatch kids platform by December 2022. In FY 2022-23, Camp K12 will double down on the 0-CAC model aided by the products.


Year of establishment:2010

No. of employees:300

Amount of external funding and leading investors: $16M, Elevation Capital & Matrix Partners India

No. of students taught: > via coding platform "Hatch Kids": 1.2 Million > via Live classes: 400,000+