How This Entrepreneur Has Revolutionised Everyday Trading, Leveraging AI And Data Analytics

Muhammad Haider, a serial entrepreneur with his AI enabled trading toolkit platform Tradytics, has strategically disrupted the market of amateur trading with the help of the innovative use of artificial intelligence and data analytics

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Trading is often misunderstood not only by beginners, but, also, at times, by semi-professional traders. Many try to gain a foothold in the world of trading to have a steady stream of income, but, end up without much success. While there are exceptions, this is generally not without reason. While one hears many stories about what it takes to be a successful trader, it is not always luck or happy accidents but rather the experience of accessing the useful data and right set of knowledge of how markets operate.

Muhammad Haider

Serial entrepreneur Muhammad Haider banked on these fundamental principles and embarked on his journey to build Tradytics, the AI based, data analytics driven trading toolkit.

In Haider's words, "We believe that everyone must be empowered enough to be able to tap into the endless potential of stock trading. That's why we started Tradytics, a platform where knowledge is accessible to every person who wants to take control of their finances."

Haider was always fascinated about building technology-based businesses that positively impact people's lives. In his words, "Growing up, germinating an idea and bringing it to life was alluring. But the aspect of gradually building and successfully executing the plan was always the most exciting part."

Haider's first venture began back in 2015 when he founded Dukan Walay, an ecommerce portal. He operated it for a couple of years and then decided to delve into the world of newer technologies. Fascinated by the appeal of artificial intelligence (AI), he began learning the finer details of the craft. Subsequently he had built an AI-backed automated design platform called DesignwithAI in 2019. The product won rave reviews from the audiences and enabled users to create beautiful logos with the help of AI. The startup was incubated at a top tech business incubator and was applauded in the business circles.

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, Haider decided to build something with his expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Finance which could in turn help people in making effective decisions in trading by offering them powerful FinTech Tools.

With the mission in his mind, Haider spent initial months of the pandemic building Tradytics. Tradytics is a platform that basically uses the power of data analytics to offer live market updates, swing trade, intraday updates, crypto dashboards, and many other services to its customers. Offering numerous useful mechanisms that traders could actively deploy to formulate effective trading strategies enabled Tradytics to become a million dollar company within just a year.

Customer-centric Approach

Haider believes that his biggest advantage is his prioritising customers before everything else. In Haider's words, "I am fond of my customers as I believe they are the most valuable critics providing objective evaluation of my products. So, I always prefer to throw the product in the market and gather feedback from the customers to tweak the product for improvements. And I do this even before building a full-fledged team for product development or sales. Firstly, it provides the external validation of the product on its own, and secondly, I can get the right path to carry on the development in the right direction and save valuable time." According to this philosophy, Haider initially built the platform single-handedly with his expertise and when it scaled up to a respectable degree, he onboarded other employees onto the company.

Journey of Tradytics

The major reason behind the success of Tradytics was Haider's ability to address the problem at its core and developing a pragmatic, technology-based and customer-centric solution. In Haider's words, "Knowledge is the most crucial thing that people try to acquire from any means and that is where most fail. Knowledge is important without any doubt but proper knowledge acquisition is what people should strive for, not knowledge from any source. But the fault is not entirely on the people because there is an overwhelming number of sources and it's easy for anyone to become confused and the worst, to get misinformed. So, my objective was very clear from the beginning – empower people with right know-how and enable them with the right toolset."

The platform is used by more than 39,000 traders daily with more than 3,500 users paying for the premium subscription. It has also integrated premium bots across a host of Discord servers to acquire more users.

When it comes to fundraising for his company, Haider remarks, "I am very traditional when it comes to fundraising. I prefer bootstrapping over external seed fundraising because I believe being an entrepreneur, I need to validate the product to myself first before everyone else and the best way to do so is to bootstrap. This strategy in turn makes it easier to have effective and useful fundraising rounds down the line. Till date, Tradytics is bootstrapped and it already has become a million dollar company without raising a single penny from investors."

Final Takeaway

Haider advises the fellow founders to keep their eyes on the target and not be lost in the limelight of the initial successes. He also says that it is pertinent for founders to pivot at the right time and not fixate on just one idea.