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Reality Check: The Truth About Starting a Homebased Business

It's your dream, yes, but dreams are rarely wrapped up with a bow and left on your doorstep. You've got some work to do.

This story appears in the September 2001 issue of

How much would I love working at home? Let me count the ways: sleeping in, working at my own pace, and perhaps best of all, a once-grueling commute reduced to the few steps from bed to home office. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is, at least to a degree. Running your business from home may seem like a dream come true, but don't kid yourself-it's still a business, and all the blood, sweat and tears aren't going to disappear just because you're in the comforts of your own home.

Although starting a homebased business should be filled with excitement and optimism, the potential pitfalls of entrepreneurship should also be on your list of concerns as you plan your business. If you haven't thought about what it's really like to work from home, take a look at what some entrepreneurs found out when they started running their homebased businesses-so you can be prepared as you start one of your own.

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