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Get New Prospects at a Seminar

Get new prospects the easy way by offering a door prize.

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Here's a G.U.T.S.Y. number I have tried with great success. It is good for any workshop or seminar that you attend; you can capture the moment and gain access to everyone in the room. Purchase a copy of a book or tape that has great value in your opinion. Ask the seminar leader during an early-morning break if you would be able to give a door prize. They will likely be taken aback by your offer at first, then give their approval to do so. Offer to draw one winner from among all the participants' business cards. Usually people will jump at the chance to win, and obtaining their business card will give you the ability to follow up with each of them. Give the seminar leader a 3-by-5 card with contact and other information about your business on it. The seminar leader will read the information aloud and then choose your door prize winner. He may offer to let you share information about your business.

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