Stick Your Neck Out

Turtle Transit takes its marketing to the streets to show off.

While other businesses use aggressive outdoor advertising gimmicks like car wraps to get attention from customers, one mobile marketing company decided to take it one step further and tool around town in a gigantic turtle. Using a 1999 VW Beetle, David Belyea, 30, Sharon Mulcahy, 30, and James Riseborough, 37, the founders behind Turtle Transit, combined foam, fiberglass and engineering plastics to create a 3-D turtle on wheels.

Cecil the Turtle draws looks of amazement as it cruises the Boston area, intriguing not only passersby, but also companies looking for innovative advertising. Turtle Transit's ingenious approach to advertising doubles as a tangible example of what the company can offer clients. Impressed, signed on-and various MonsterMobiles (a PT Cruiser and four customized Land Rovers) can now be seen around town, emblazoned with the job site's monster mascot, Trump.

Citing the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile as their inspiration, Turtle Transit's founders started the Boston company in July 2000, mobilizing Cecil a month later. "I can build your car, staff it and drive it to your target market and be more impactful than other advertising methods," says Belyea. With 2000 sales of $500,000, plus an ever-growing list of clients, the company markets its services with Cecil and its new Elvis the Rhinoceros. Keep your eyes on the road.

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