Hot Disks 02/02

Organize your e-mail, automate PC repair and take Adobe Acrobat to the next level

In Control: Organize your work-and your workers-with Wintility Pro. The application, from PX Technologies ( ), catalogs important e-mail messages, documents everything from text files to presentations and also allows you to securely share them with co-workers. The new WebWintility feature lets you access your data from any Web-enabled PC. Pricing starts at $249 (all prices street) and varies depending on the number of users.

Quick Fix: Help your IT staff save time and energy with PC Pinpoint ( ). This Web-based service from Distinctive Technologies automates PC repair by testing and evaluating each component of an ailing PC. PC Pinpoint diagnoses hardware and software troubles, then makes the necessary fix. For more complex problems, it will suggest the proper maintenance needed. A yearly subscription costs $49.95, with volume discounts available.

Cool Tools: Take Adobe Acrobat to the next level with Compose 4.1. This plug-in from Infodata ( ) offers plenty of publishing tools, allowing you to add navigation features to your documents. The tool palette offers easy access to key features, including the ability to add bookmarks and hyperlinks, repaginate documents and change security and printing options. Prices start at $895 for a single-user license.

Liane Gouthro a former techology reporter at, freelance from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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