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Gear 02/02

Talk long-distance in your own warehouse and add a keyboard to your PDA

EnGenius SN-920 Base Unit, Handset, Battery & Charger

Work on your feet? You can still get calls from the EnGenius SN-920's base unit across 250,000 square feet of warehouse or retail space, 12 floors of an office building or 3,000 acres of farm or construction site. The SN-920 handsets use a landline with no air-time charges and include a walkie-talkie function. Up to 36 handsets can be linked to four base units and four phone lines.

PDA Pocket Keyboard

Plug in the Fellowes PDA Pocket Keyboard and touch-type to your heart's content. The keys are flat but extraordinarily sensitive--a gentle tap and a character appears, accompanied by audio feedback. The Pocket Keyboard comes in two flavors--one that syncs with all Palm handhelds and another for Handspring Visors.

Mike Hogan is Entrepreneur's technology editor.

This story appears in the February 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »