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Think of Catch Phrases

Choose words or phrases in your marketing materials that help define your company.

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Words like "overnight" are owned by brands. Domino's Pizza owns two words: "home delivery." When you think of calling for pizza, you most likely think of Domino's. You can't actually trademark a phrase like that, but if you use it enough in your sales and marketing efforts, consumers will begin to associate your company with that phrase.

In choosing such an identifying word or phrase, however, be sure that what it says about you or your company can truly be realized. If "selection, selection, selection" is what you want people to think about when they consider your company, then you had better make "selection" your number-one priority. If you think that somewhere down the line your ability to provide the "greatest selection of photo album frames in a 12-state region" might change, then don't use selection as your signature word. Remember, your reputation is at stake.

Excerpted from 303 Marketing Tips: Guaranteed To Boost Your Business