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Ever After

Will you still respect your clients in the morning?

This story appears in the April 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Have you ever given thought to what the term "follow-up" really means? How does "anything that follows something else as a review or addition" sound? And what about that other common marketing term, "follow-through"? According to Webster's, it's "the act of continuing an undertaking to completion, to its natural end."

But just what does all that mean in selling? What is the natural end of a sale? Is it when the sale is closed? Not if you're looking for repeat business. For most people, selling requires constant cultivation. In order to keep your relationships growing, you've got to look at each one and ask yourself "What related actions can I take today to strengthen this connection and move it toward a natural end (or at least the next natural level)?"

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