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QVC Holds National Product Search at Mall of America

Inventors invited to present their products to merchandising reps

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Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their consumer products to QVC at its national product search on April 27- 28 at the Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The search will provide inventors, designers and manufacturers with a forum to share their consumer products with QVC representatives from the merchandising, product development and vendor relations divisions.

"QVC introduces more than 250 new products to our viewers each week, so it's paramount for us to continually search for what's new and innovative," says Darlene Daggett, QVC's executive vice president of merchandising. "Some of our most successful product lines have come to QVC through past product searches. This search at the Mall of America will be an opportunity for QVC to review and meet potential new vendors from across the country who hope to market their product or invention to a national audience."

Marilyn Montross, QVC's director of vendor relations, adds: "Almost everyone dreams of creating their own business, but what holds so many people back is the 'Where do I begin?' question. This search will incorporate informative workshops for potential vendors and inventors that will educate them with marketing, sales and product development information. Our hope is to empower them with the information they need to proceed with their dream."

Products on QVC that have shown great success are those that can be demonstrated on live TV, solve an everyday problem, appeal to a broad audience, have unique features and benefits, and are topical or timely.

Past searches have yielded great success for both the vendor and QVC alike. Chesapeake Bay Gourmet, Junior's Cheesecakes, ProStrong and Quacker Factory were products discovered in a similar search in 1995. As of today, these successful product lines have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Each potential vendor will have the opportunity to meet with a QVC representative to "audition" his or her product or prototype. Advance registration is necessary to schedule and confirm an appointment. More information and registration forms can be obtained at or by calling (866) 302-4633.

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