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Closing the Sale

One of the keys to success is knowing how to close the sale.

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Here's how you can become a better closer:

Don't try to close prematurely. First, make sure you've satisfied the prospect's needs and concerns, and that he or she believes you can solve the problem at hand.

Then ask for the final decision. This sounds obvious, but it's often overlooked by the inexperienced, who instead wait for the prospects to seal the deal.

If you're uncomfortable with the term "closing," think of it as helping someone make a decision. Don't take a heavy-handed approach. Instead, in a fun, nonthreatening way, ask "So how many do you want?" or "We have it in a rainbow of colors. Do you want them all?"

Still worried? Remember, your ultimate goal is to get the business, so don't be afraid to ask for it.

Excerpted fromGet Smart: 365 Tips To Boost Your Entrepreneurial IQ