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It Figures 05/02

A look at past and present figures for minimum wage levels, number of minority businesses and more

A New World

Believe it or not, the world didn't always have essentials such as cell phones and e-mail. Just take a look around your office. Some of the devices you can't live without have been around longer than you think.

Growing Strong
  AS IN 1977, CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK AND FLORIDA remain the dominant states in terms of the number of women-owned businesses. Judging by the numbers, however, it's easy to see the marked growth nationwide.

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics/ U.S. Census Bureau
Minority Rules
  IN THE PAST 25 YEARS, minority-owned small businesses have experienced tremendous growth. Here's how far they've come.

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics/ U.S. Census Bureau

minimum wage in 1977

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics

of women participated in the work force in 1977. Today, nearly 60% of women 16 years of age and older are working.
SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics

  25 million
small businesses exist today. That number has increased dramatically since 1977, when there were only 14.7 million small businesses.

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