Business Image Checkup

New and experienced business owners alike should evaluate their company's image.

Image starts with your company name. Is the name of your business descriptive and easily recognizable? If the name you started with isn't working, you can always change it.

Phone communication is vital, so make sure you (or your employees) answer the phone by clearly and distinctly stating your company name. Also, the outgoing message on your voice-mail system should be short, upbeat and professional. If you still use an answering machine, consider the switch to voice mail, which is available from your local phone company; it leaves a more professional impression.

Finally, what does your company do? Of course you know, but can you describe it in a single, concise sentence? Once you determine this description, make sure you repeat it to all your prospects at networking events or on cold calls.

Excerpted from Get Smart: 365 Tips To Boost Your Entrepreneurial IQ

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