Beat the Summertime Blues

Shining sun.bright, blue sky.rather than cursing it because you have to work, find a way to enjoy it.
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There's nothing more bittersweet than having to working from home while the sun is shining in your backyard, making your work seem endless and your drive to tend to business nearly nonexistent. With summertime rolling in, this scenario is probably very familiar to you. Many of you decided to work from home for basically the very same reasons that are now keeping you from wanting to do any kind of work whatsoever: the comforts of home.

I can't blame you. Right now, the sun is shining through my office window, and I would give anything to run out of this building and head straight for the beach. Actually, I'd even settle for an outdoor office--nothing fancy, just a laptop, a patch of grass and some partial shade would do nicely. Which brings me back to you.

When those summertime blues kick in--when you're itching to enjoy the sun instead of pick up the phone to make sales calls--you have a unique advantage over your office-bound counterparts. You can enjoy the sun--you just might have to settle for working on your back porch or maybe taking a half-hour break in the afternoon to go on a walk or read a book outside. Yes, you still have to work, but you can do it in a way that makes the days bearable.

If your office isn't equipped to handle outdoor work--i.e., if you don't have a laptop and your phone cord doesn't stretch out the back door--then by all means, make the necessary investments to accommodate your need to see no roof over your head on certain days. Buy a laptop. Get a cordless phone. Set up a portable desk of some sort, and break out some paperweights. In short, take advantage of the fact that you can kick your shoes off and dig your toes into grass on occasion, while office-bound entrepreneurs have to wait until the end of the day to get comfy.

Remember when you were in college, and you had that one cool professor who would hold class outdoors on nice days? Well, now you are that cool professor, and you call the shots.

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