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Second Gig

Some entrepreneurs have to weigh the needs of the brand againist the needs of the band.

High profit margins are music to an entrepreneur's ears, but sometimes, music is, too:

Entrepreneur: Zach Bair (top, far left), 39, president, AdvaTech Solutions Inc., an infrastructure design and implementation solutions company in Richardson, Texas.

Band: No Control

Bair's Role: guitar, keyboards, lead vocals

Genre: "Melodic rock with an alternative edge"

Biggest Gig: performing for 8,000 at spring break

Running a Band vs. Running a Company: "You're one persona in the daytime, and a completely different one at night."

Our Review: Mellow yet hip sounds that go down easy; you could play this for your kid or your grandma, and neither would be offended.

Listen: or

Entrepreneur: Quinn Jones (pictured, far left), 34, CEO,, a Metairie, Louisiana, job search site

Band: Michael Jeansonne and a Band of Indians

Jones' Role: piano and harmonica (if you call his company and get put on hold, that's him playing the piano)

Genre: "New Orleans-style country music"

Biggest Gig: Playing for 5,000 at the 2000 New Orleans JazzFest

Running a Band vs. Running a Company: "Being in a band is an entrepreneurial enterprise itself."

Our Review: If you like country, you'll love it.


Entrepreneur: Drew Hannah, 50, CEO of two music-related companies, Parker Guitars and Fishman Transducers (which makes acoustic amplifiers), in Wilmington, Massachusetts

Band: Look 'n Feel Band (three of the four other members are also entrepreneurs)

Hannah's Role: bass, vocals, guitar

Genre: "Retro rock"

Biggest Gig: performing at the Fillmore, San Francisco's hippie landmark: "We kept wondering if Janis Joplin had shot up in our dressing room."

Running a Band vs. Running a Company: "A good entrepreneur or musician is [in] their creative space."

Our Review: Good old rock 'n' roll with a modern sensibility.

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This story appears in the July 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »