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Who's planning on investing in technology, what entrepreneurs use the Internet for and more
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  FIFTY PERCENT OF SMALL-BUSINESS owners plan to make capital investments in technology within the next few months. Here's what else they'll buy:

SOURCE: OPEN Small Business Network 2002 Monitor
  WHAT DO ENTREPRENEURS really use the Net for? The answer's not as obvious as you think. Let's take a closer look at the most common small-business online activities:

SOURCE: OPEN Small Business Network 2002 Monitor
  BY 2005, 130 million cell phones will be discarded in the United States, accounting for 65,000 tons of trash.

SOURCE: Inform
  THE SMALL BUSINESS SURVIVAL Committee cranked up its VCR to determine which movies offer the best and most positive portrayals of business. And the awards go to . . .

of government agencies and U.S. businesses fell victim to hacker attacks within the last year.
SOURCE: FBI's Computer Intrusion Squad/Computer Security Institute

U.S. retail e-sales were
in 2001, accounting for 1 percent of total retail sales for the year.
SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Commerce

of online consumers say they sometimes or frequently don't complete online transactions due to poor image quality.
SOURCE: Greenfield Online

of small businesses say their sales increased last year as a result of e-mail marketing promotions.
SOURCE: Direct Marketing Association

of U.S. adults own a cell phone.
SOURCE: Scarborough Research

Small businesses create
of new jobs.

of PDAs purchased in 2001 were either bought by companies or by employees who were reimbursed by companies.
SOURCE: Gartner Inc.

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