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Model Behavior

Employees watch your every move, so make sure you set a good example.

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Benjamin Franklin once said, "Well done is better than well said." For almost 2,000 years, sermons have been central to communicating moral instruction in hopes of improving behavior. Franklin was a leading advocate of people changing their behavior for the better. However, he believed that setting a good example was better moral instruction than preaching sermons.

Franklin understood well the concept of managing from the fishbowl. The cubicles of today's offices would seem private if compared to the printing houses in which he worked. Every movement and activity could be watched and judged by others working in the shop. In this environment, Franklin took great care to set a positive and powerful social example for his fellow workers. As a result of this commitment to self-management, Franklin enjoyed a great deal of influence among his fellow workers and fellow citizens.

Excerpted from Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management