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This story appears in the August 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

I am a very busy person. A typical workday for me (that's in the office) lasts about 11 hours. Add about another hour at home and at least a couple more on the weekend, and you can see my days are nearly as busy as yours. So I try to maximize my time, constantly striving to figure out ways to do things faster and more efficiently. I've always assumed you all did the same. But I was wrong. Too many of you are wasting time. At the risk of sounding like a scolding mother (or a nagging spouse), I want you to stop dawdling and start working more effectively. Now!

How? First, why are you still using dial-up? Every survey I've ever seen shows that most Americans (whether at home or at the office) use dial-up connections to connect to the . While I can understand why a casual home user might stick with dial-up (though in all honesty, I have a cable modem at home), I cannot fathom why a owner would. Here at Entrepreneur, we use the ultra-high-speed T1 lines. (And remember, we're a small business just like you.) While you may not require that much speed, most businesses could benefit from some sort of broadband access. I don't care if you choose DSL, cable or satellite-it's time for business owners to (as chef Emeril would say) "kick it up a notch" and upgrade to broadband.

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