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How Embarrassing!

Highly publicized dry spells are poor recruitment tools. Will anybody decent ever want to work for you again?

This story appears in the August 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

You've bitten the bullet and made some tough changes during the past year. Maybe you've downsized, shuffled your deck of senior managers, shifted your , shut down a satellite office--and read all about it in the local newspaper. But you've survived, and your company is getting stronger every day. You can even afford to fill a key position again, and you have someone stellar in mind. So what's the problem?

This person isn't sold on working for you, that's what. Hiring after a major reshuffling can be a Catch-22 for companies. You need the best you can get your hands on to rebuild your business, but these rainmakers are uneasy because your company looks about as stable as a kite twisting in the wind. You have to get this person past your company's past. But how?

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