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The Writing's on the Wall

Change is inevitable. And, if you do it right, your ad's persuasive impact on the viewer will be, too.

This story appears in the August 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Some ads have the uniqueness to stop you in your tracks for just a moment. Others cause you to come to a halt, rub your chin and maybe even contemplate the message. A rare few have the ability to epoxy your gaze and cause a visceral reaction. This last response category describes exactly how I reacted to the ad shown here-a simple, stark and chilling ad created by the Huntington's Society of America (HDSA).

What the HDSA has done is force the reader, in riveting fashion, to read about-and at the same time, observe-the progression of the degenerative brain disorder called Huntington's disease, an illness for which there is no cure.

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