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Power Trip

Pack enough voltage to last through the whole journey.

This story appears in the August 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

The productivity of your business trip often comes down to a seemingly minor accessory: the battery. If it runs out, you may as well watch the in-flight movie. Until a few years ago, you had two power choices: the older, less expensive nickel-cadmium battery and the newer but more volatile lithium-ion variety.

Times are changing. For example, consider Electric Fuel's new line of disposable batteries. They're easy to use, last up to 12 hours, and are ideal for travelers who don't want to lug rechargers, adapters or other bulky peripherals. Prices range from about $14 to $19, depending on the model. But these batteries are really meant to be used in an emergency, when the closest plug is miles away.

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