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It Figures 09/02

Who's using broadband, how men and women evaluate Web sites and more
of entrepreneurs quit their jobs to start their businesses (as opposed to being fired).
SOURCE: Babson College and Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

of consumers will delete an e-mail from an unrecognized name without even opening it.

Monday is the busiest day on the Web, receiving
of the worldwide Internet traffic.
SOURCE: WebSideStory

of small businesses choose leasing as their preferred method of financing equipment.
SOURCE: Equipment Leasing Association

of time spent on e-mail goes to reading gossip, jokes and non-work-related material.
SOURCE: Gartner Inc.

of small-business owners are optimistic about the growth potential of their industries.
SOURCE: Intuit Professional Accounting Solutions

feel the same regarding their own businesses.
SOURCE: Intuit Professional Accounting Solutions

of online users will abandon a site if the search function doesn't work well.
SOURCE: Jupiter Media Metrix

  NEARLY 10 PERCENT of all households in the United States have signed up for broadband Internet access. Here's how it's affected American users' daily lives:

SOURCE: Pew Internet/American Life Project Leadership
  WOMEN CARE ABOUTWIRED? how it looks; men care about how you get there. Here are the elements men and women think are important to consider when evaluating a Web site:

SOURCE: SpectraCom
I Want My DVD
  U.S. HISPANIC HOUSEHOLDS are more likely than African American and Caucasian households to own DVD players, home theaters and PDAs, yet are less likely to own a PC or have Internet access.

SOURCE: Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research
  MORE THAN HALF of all Internet users communicate in a native language other than English, with 33.9 percent speaking a European language and 26.1 percent conversing in an Asian language.

SOURCE: Global Reach
  58% of job seekers would relocate to get a job, while 60% are willing to lower their desired salary range.


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