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Hot Disks 09/02

Tinkering with your photos, protecting your PC and more
  • Better Than a Darkroom: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ( ) lets you edit, retouch and improve the quality of photos for your Web pages, newsletters and other company graphics. At $609 (all prices street), it's not cheap or simple to use, and it requires a hunk of PC resources, but Version 7.0 also features new tools to make it easier to integrate photos into your Web pages.
  • Must-see PC Video: Stream smoother video with RealVideo 9 ( ). RealNetworks' latest audio and video compression technology creates files that occupy 30 percent less space than earlier versions, meaning higher-quality videos for your viewers. You can create RealVideo 9 files with RealSystem Producer 9, a new version of the company's content-creation tool. Real-Networks' products are also available in free versions.
  • Server and Protect: Protect your PC from prying eyes with SpyCop Corporate Edition ( ). Now available in version 4.5, SpyCop scans PCs for more than 271 surveillance programs that can be installed without your knowledge. SpyCop also keeps information from unauthorized employees or competitors. Pricing starts at $69.95.
  • Energy Efficient: Save money and electricity with WattSavvy Corporate Edition. This software from Blue Owl ( ) monitors computers to see which ones are wasting the most electricity. Once you know where the problem is, you can correct it and start seeing savings on your electric bill. Pricing starts at less than $30 per user, with volume discounts available.

Liane Cassavoy, a former technology reporter at, freelances from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story appears in the September 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »