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Forage for Storage

It's cheap, convenient and keeps your files secure. No wonder entrepreneurs are getting attached to NAS.

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Your data needs room to roam--wide-open spaces of megabytes and gigabytes to fill. Everything is digital these days, and your growing business can't get enough storage. So we can be thankful for the proliferation of Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware aimed at the size of your company. It's cost-effective and easy to install. No IT department required.

NAS appliances are servers that handle just the warehousing and sharing of files with other servers and clients on a LAN. This is ideal for centralizing your office's data for convenience, and backup purposes. If you're still using tape drives, consider replacing them with an NAS unit. They can also help take some of the strain off an overtaxed network. Expandability is key--you can easily add individual drives to your NAS cabinet or another appliance to your network as your business grows.

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