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Looks Like Rain

If you've thought and thought and still haven't come up with any great ideas, don't sweat. We've got the tips to turn your bone-dry brainstorming sessions into hurricane-force innovation.

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It's a familiar story. A little wining and dining, and you find you have so much in common. The moment you laid eyes on each other, there was an instant chemistry, a feeling that this was the one, the one you could grow old with. But then you slept on it, and the next morning you woke up alone in your bed with those familiar pit-in-the-stomach words running through your mind: "What was I thinking?"

So we all agree? Finding the right business idea is difficult. Even if your parents believe you should have settled down with an idea already, or taken the easy route and let them fix you up with some cushy corporate career instead of pursuing this--this start-up--you know the right business idea is out there. But where? Where?

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