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Help Your Politicians Understand Entrepreneurship

Send them this new guide, which encourages local policymakers to include entrepreneurs in their economic visions.

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If you've oft found yourself wishing your local candidates would get a clue as to how important you--the local small-business owner--are, turn those wishes into action by sending them this URL, the home of the National Commission on Entrepreneurship's (NCOE) new guide, Entrepreneurship: A Candidate's Guide--Creating Good Jobs in Your Community. In an effort to help candidates understand the importance of new business development and growth, the 31-page guide provides a review of what exactly entrepreneurs do, key issues for entrepreneurs and what candidates can do to address entrepreneurs' needs.

"We believe it's critical for policymakers to understand the role policy plays with regard to entrepreneurship," says Diane Strahan of the NCOE. "Most policymakers don't realize that it's high-growth companies that have contributed the bulk of all net new jobs. Given the state of the economy and timing of upcoming elections, we want candidates to promote entrepreneurship as part of their economic development plan because it's a proven and promising answer for job growth and economic prosperity in the candidate's locale."

Strahan encourages you to introduce the guide to your local politicians. "It's equally important for entrepreneurs to recognize the role policy has played in opening many opportunities for them," says Strahan. "Entrepreneurs should encourage their local candidates to support entrepreneurial friendly policies so their businesses can continue to grow at a rapid pace."