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Cash in With a Web Site

These 'treps are logging on and finding success online.

This story appears in the October 2002 issue of Teen Startups.

( - You've heard the stories of megaWeb success. There's the one about Jeff Bezos, who jotted downhis idea for on a scrap of paper during a road trip.And, of course, you can't forget the phenomenal success ofeBay. We've even got one of our own--the story of Bill Martin,Greg Wright and Rusty Szurek, the 'treps behind,a financial message board site so successful that it attracted afew million in investor cash just a year after it was founded.

But for all those Internet gurus who have made the front page,there are plenty of Web bizzes that never see the light of day.Still, opportunities for successful Web-based businesses abound,and it's the savvy 'trep who capitalizes on them.

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