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Raising Money

It pays to set your sights high.

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Have you ever tried to raise money for a new opportunity? Banks, venture capitalists and even deep-pocketed private investors won't consider requests for less than tens of millions of dollars, no matter how secure and profitable the loan or investment is. In addition, they can only properly investigate so many deals each year. It takes just as long to look over a $100,000 application as it does a $100 million application.

The same is true for your proposals. If you want to get your prospect's attention, ask for a million dollars. That's the kind of decision the top person makes. If you want to spend the rest of your life selling to the second assistant night co-manager at the West Fork branch, try to pitch the top decision maker a $1,000 proposal. You'll be delegated to West Fork immediately.

Excerpted from Creative Selling: Boost your B2B sales