Entrepreneurs Who Need Entrepreneurs

This franchisee of The Entrepreneur's Source achieved his dreams helping others achieve theirs.

Steven Schick was looking for a business to open when he stumbled upon the Web site for The Entrepreneur's Source. He was impressed by the consulting firm, which helps prospective entrepreneurs find a franchise that best suits them, and was attracted to the idea of running a business that helped others get into business, too.

Schick, 46, now a regional director for The Entrepreneur's Source, understands the challenges many of his clients may encounter when trying to open a business or find a franchise. "The methodical approach The Entrepreneur's Source takes to helping people explore their options made sense to me. I figured there just had to be a lot more people out there like myself in need of that service," he explains.

Before Schick became a franchisee for The Entrepreneur's Source in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in September 1998, he had co-owned a Buick, Mazda and Saab dealership. He moved to Redding, Pennsylvania, in hopes of purchasing his own Buick-GMC dealership, but realized this lifestyle wasn't for him. "I got burnt out," he says. "The 65- to 70-hour workweek just wasn't gratifying anymore. I saw my life slipping away. I wanted to do something that was more beneficial to people, more meaningful--something that would provide a better lifestyle."

Schick believes a better lifestyle is exactly what he's found. Of all the benefits, Schick says the most rewarding is his ability "to help people achieve their dreams, and to affect people's lives positively."

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