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Tech Buzz 12/02

Stamp-sized storage cards for digital cameras and PDAs; notebooks powered by desktop processors

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SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, Secure Digital (SD) cards. As if the pot wasn't already boiling over with tiny removable media choices, Olympus and Fuji have teamed up to introduce the xD-Picture Card, which boasts a size of less than an inch and capacity up to 8GB. We're mostly dealing in the realm of storage for digital cameras, but these little cards often carry over into devices like PDAs and SmartPhones.

What really matters is where you should put your money when you're buying. SmartMedia is on the decline, which accounts for Olympus and Fuji positioning the xD-Picture Card as its replacement. But you have to justify spending money on a proprietary format that doesn't fit anything you already have without the added expense of an adapter. CompactFlash is still a standby, thanks to increased capacities, wide adoption and lower prices.

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