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The latest wireless PDAs

This story appears in the December 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Wireless PDAs: Cool gadgets or business essentials? You make the call. Hard-traveling entrepreneurs who want to lose their laptop ball and chain will find a lot to like in the current crop of connected PDAs. Your money can be better invested in other features if you don't venture out of the office much-but we're here to talk about what to look for in a wireless--enabled palmtop.

Though the lines are increasingly blurry (see the Handspring Treo Communicator), we try to differentiate between smartphones and wireless PDAs, which are PDAs first of all. Their primary wireless use is for data, Net surfing, checking e-mail and connecting to your own business network on the go. Generally, you'll get a bigger screen and more expansion options than with a smartphone. All those things that used to require a notebook computer and a phone line can be handled on one small device.

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