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No Experience Necessary

Hiring novice sales reps may save you money, but are they worth the time and effort?

This story appears in the December 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Marx Acosta-Rubio built his $6 million business with a sales force made up almost entirely of "green" talent--employees who were completely new to the world of selling. In 1998, Acosta-Rubio, 32, launched One Stop Shop, a Chatsworth, California, company that sells computer supplies and peripherals to businesses. His current sales force includes eight employees, seven of whom have no previous sales experience. "I'd rather have someone who's a good human being and who hasn't been poorly trained, and train them properly," explains Acosta-Rubio on why he prefers such hires.

He chose to adopt his company's no-sales-experience-preferred philosophy as the result of a former position where he was both salesman and trainer. "Those [new reps] with no experience 'got it' more quickly, so when I started my own company, I had already figured this out," Rubio-Acosta says.

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