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Enron But Not Forgotten

Being a former Enron employee doesn't necessarily leave you out in the cold in the business community--not for entrepreneurs with the guts to restake their names on ventures of their own.

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A former computer programmer develops an underground sprinklersystem that makes it easier for suburbanites to water their lawns.An ex-CFO finds success designing high-end stationery for peoplewho still enjoy writing letters by hand. A one-time broadbandsalesman partners with a friend to form an investment banking firm.A former marketing executive decides to open an interactive arcade.An ex-Enron sales lead starts a retail energy company.

These are just a handful of the businesses former employees ofEnron Corp. have formed since the high-flying energy companyimploded in a wave of accounting scandals in October 2001. And ifthere is one thing the entrepreneurs learned during their tenure atthe infamous Houston-based company, it's to think outside thebox.

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