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You Bought What on eBay?!

Need an even simpler solution to the franchise buying process? How does an online auction sound?

This story appears in the January 2003 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Ebay has become the world's gathering point for buying and selling mundane and unique items, everything from old clothes to Kurt Cobain's childhood home. As its notoriety grows, entrepreneurs have been considering how to best use this Web site to benefit their own companies.

Jeff Sinelli, CEO and founder of Genghis Grill Inc., a Mongolian barbecue franchise, thinks he may have found the connection. "One of our guiding principles is to use technologies to increase our presence, prosperity and profits," he says. "We looked at how we can achieve these objectives, and I shouted out, 'Why don't we sell a Genghis Grill on eBay?'"

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