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One Big, Happy Family

These days, franchise systems seem to be irresistibly attracted to each other. But consolidation doesn't have to turn into a family feud.

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On The Brady Bunch, a widowed man and woman brought theirthree sons, three daughters, dog, cat and housekeeper together tolive in familial bliss. There was no bitterness, and the childrenall got along and easily referred to their new parent as Mom orDad. And six kids peacefully shared one bathroom.

When a franchisor considers bringing other brands into the fold,deep down they're hoping for that Brady-like euphoria wherethere's no jealousy, and new ideas and leaders are welcomedwith open arms. But because businesses don't operate in this TVfantasyland, franchisors and franchisees have to be prepared foruncertainty and struggle when disconnected franchisesconsolidate.

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