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Gear 02/03

A space-saving LCD; an external drive that lets you password-protect your disks

Free Space

Kensington Flat Panel Desk Mount Monitor Arm
Kensington Technology Group
(800) 235-6708
Street price: $145

Office space is at a premium, and one of the beauties of an LCD panel is that it gives back your desktop. The Kensington Flat Panel Desk Mount Moni-tor Arm takes the LCD off your desk, letting it float up to 9 inches above it. It also rotates up to 36o degrees, which is useful for switching between portrait and landscape views of your work.

Lock 'n' Load

Zip 750MB FireWire External Drive
(888) 4-IOMEGA
Street price: $200

You won't have to worry about your data being accessed by anyone else-the Iomega Zip 750MB FireWire External Drive lets you password-protect your disks. The drag-and-drop file-management software also lets you easily manage your files. And the drive features transfer speeds up to 7.5Mbps and can read prior generations of lower-capacity Zip disks. Plus, there are no setup or disc-closing processes like those required to burn CD-R discs.

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